Gambia: April 10/11 victim needs urgent support

Yusupha Mbye, a victim of April 10 and 11, 2000 students shooting by security forces who is on a wheelchair due to bullet injuries needs a therapy in The Gambia and urgent surgery in Dakar, Senegal.

Mbye who was victimised together with several students that took to the streets to show solidarity to two of their colleagues, late Ebrima Barry and Binta Manneh whose rights were violated by the security operatives of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh.

It was alleged that Barry was tortured to death by fire service officials while Binta, a young girl at the time was allegedly raped by the paramilitary.

The open shooting of life bullets by security forces that left him paralysed on a wheelchair was the most brutal incident of the country’s history.

He refused to give in but continued to play an integral part in making a case to the Gambian electorates and international community against Jammeh’s dictatorship.

“We paraded him on every radio and he did his part especially during the Coalition 2016 campaign,” said Tukulorr Sey, a US based Gambian activist.

“Now, the government that promised to take care of him has reneged on its promise,” she said on social media page, adding “Please do the good by supporting Yus and his treatment.”

The April 10/11 survivor’s health condition is considerably improving due to support from Gambians at home and abroad, even though the state was responsible.

Please send your donations to Kabiru Musa Darboe who can be reached on 00220 2890696.

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