August 8, 2022

German nationals to establish solar engineering company in Gambia


German solar engineering experts last week revealed plans to establish a solar energy company in The Gambia.

The proposed company, Sahay Solar Engineering Company Limited aims to provide sufficient and affordable solar energy to Gambians, the experts revealed at a consultation meeting with potential partners in a local hotel.

The German company specialized in power supply and solar water pumping in Africa.

It works with investors, local authorities as well as the European Development corporations. It offers material procurement, logistic to installation, training on solar energy as well monitoring after projects completion.

The solar experts are currently in the country for business assessment and consultation with potential customers before it commences work.

Speaking to participants, Max Spannagel, managing director of Sahay Solar Engineering Company Limited described his company as unique, saying it renders better services to customers.

“When we are given a contract we always do proper analysis so as to know the volume of energy consumed on that particular place both in the daylight and night time,” he said.

He added: “This assessment would enable the company to deliver quality and the right material to customers.”

According to him, the company would train its staff on remote monitoring system, software and maintenance system before it starts work to ensure it workers have skills to repair electrical failure.

“Our company’s electrical intelligence work intelligently to put everything intact,” he said, adding the installation team would as well work to expectation to ensure the sustainability of projects for their customers.

He said his company did make a thorough market research concerning solar engineering in the country; however, he said records have shown that The Gambia has viable market for solar energy as some consumers revealed to him that national electricity and water provider is not reliable.

“This is not good for the people, especially to critical institution such as health centres. This can have huge critical impact. When the voltage is fluctuating it can have a bad impact on the electrical jackets,” he noted.

Sebastian Zeinz, solar engineering expert said solar energy is suitable for the country considering its source of power.

According to him, solar energy is environmental friendly, economical and has longer life span compare to generator.



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