August 8, 2022

Senegalese community in Madrid protest against arrest, detention of opposition politicians, killings


The Senegalese community made up of PASDEF and YEWWI ASKAN WI coalition has on Saturday, June 25, 2022 organized a mass demonstration against injustice following arrests and detention of members of the opposition and killings under the watch of Macky Sall regime in Senegal.

The protesters marched from Lavapies to Sol in Madrid, chanting a slogan imprinted on a banner of the Senegalese flag  ‘Senegal says no to dictatorship.’

It could be recalled that there was a brawl between youths and the police in Dakar, Senegal on Friday, June 17, 2022 as security officers blocked off access to the home of opposition PASTEF leader, Ousmane Sonko.

The PASTEF spokesperson said three opposition figures were also arrested and the city’s mayor was prevented from leaving his home.

According to the protesters, they are aware of what is happening in their country and being silent would amount to an agreement with the current regime.

“We, Senegalese in Spain, particularly Madrid, through this mass demonstration want our voices heard in asserting our rights.”

Strong condemnation

Protesters condemn the action and laws that restrict their right to protest or express their opinion as witnessed recently with the ban on the June 17 march to their leader, Ousman Sonko.

They also condemned the disempowering of Senegalese people to fight a dictatorial dictator regime which imposes conditions that go against their dignity.

The protesters also described the action of the Senegalese regime of Macky Sall as se unjustified inequalities, further condemning laws and policies that stand in the way of defending human rights.

We will denounce any irresponsible practice of President Macky Sall. We will defend our right to live in dignity. Quite simple. We are committed to act,” they chanted.

The Senegal’s main opposition leader Ousman Sonk has issued what he called an “ultimatum” to President Macky Sall, urging him to release those arrested during a day of clashes that reportedly left three people dead.

The media and opposition have reported a third, collateral death from the clashes as a taxi driver was shot in Ziguinchor, Casamance.


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