The Gambia Government Must take a Definite Stand on Yaya Jammeh

Official Statement by Madi Jobarteh

The Gambia Government must take an urgent and definite stance against the acts of incitement of violence by Dictator Yaya Jammeh and threatening the social cohesion and the peace and stability of the Gambia. Yaya Jammeh’s conversation with Rambo Jatta is clearly intended to cause violence in the Gambia. He was practically asking his supporters to take the law into their own hands by dealing with anyone who joins their ranks in their planned protest. This is calling for violence which is unlawful.

It is not for Yaya Jammeh or any group to deal with anyone rather it is the police that has the sole duty to enforce the law and apprehend those who break the law. APRC has a right to protest but they have no authority to deal with anyone violently.

The UN, AU and ECOWAS Declaration that Yaya Jammeh refers to states clearly that, “In order to avoid any recriminations, ECOWAS, the AU and the UN commit to work with the Government of The Gambia on national reconciliation to cement social, cultural and national cohesion.”

By this provision it means UN, ECOWAS and AU do not wish to have vengeance, violence or conflict erupt from any side in the Gambia rather they wish to see peace and stability prevail. Therefore, the threatening statements that Yaya Jammeh uttered and the demonisation of the Gambia Government intended to ridicule the current dispensation all tantamount to recriminations and undermining the social cohesion and political stability of the Gambia. For that matter the Gambia Government should make representation to the UN, AU and ECOWAS to remind them of their commitments in their declaration to engage Yaya Jammeh and the Government of Equatorial Guinea to ask him to refrain from undermining national security.

Former heads of state hardly attack their predecessors rather they give space and support to the new Government to succeed. What Yaya Jammeh is doing is seeking to make the current Government to fail hence to make the Gambia to fail. We must stand against that because Yaya had his time and all the opportunities to make the Gambia, yet he woefully failed the Gambia.

Therefore, the Gambia Government must engage the Government of Equatorial Guinea that they must not allow Yaya Jammeh to use their territory to destabilise the Gambia. The presence of Yaya Jammeh in that country was on the basis of ‘African Hospitality’ for which Yaya must not be allowed to exploit that kindness by threatening another country. The Gambia Government must be seen to be firm and willing to defend the integrity of the Gambia and more so to show respect to Victims of his Evil Regime.

As the TRRC continues to reveal Yaya Jammeh is the Chief Perpetrator in the maiming and killing of Gambians. Thousands of our citizens still live in pain and misery due to the violence meted out to them by State agents at the behest of Yaya Jammeh. In that regard the Gambia Government must not remain silent while that Chief Perpetrator continues to freely and callously insult the country and victims in particular.

Yaya Jammeh must be told in no uncertain terms that he is a prodigal son of the Gambia – in fact the worst of the worst of the sons of the Gambia. He has no birth right to the presidency of the Gambia. No one has harmed his right and dignity rather it was him who injured the rights and dignity of all Gambians. If he cannot exercise common sense to realise his crimes and show remorse for his despicable atrocities on Gambians, then the Gambia Government must not allow him to control the narrative ever again. He has served his term and he have to accept that he cannot be the president of this country ever again!

That Yaya Jammeh was a rapist, murderer and a corrupt individual is beyond question. That he plundered the Gambia and meted out untold suffering on the people is indisputable. That his regime was the most useless, ineffective and incompetent government anywhere that wholly squandered the opportunities and potentials of this country and severely impoverished Gambians is without a doubt.

The fact that the ‘Backway’ route could emerge in the Gambia is squarely thanks to the uselessness of his Evil Regime such that young people of this country could have no hope in their motherland that they have to face death and misery by plunging themselves in the deserts and deep oceans just to seek greener pastures elsewhere. If indeed Yaya Jammeh’s Government was effective, productive, progressive and democratic certainly the Gambia would not have been the second highest migrant producing country in Africa with a population of only 2 million during his misrule!

Therefore, let the Gambia Government hold its balls to talk the talk and act the act. We cannot sit here while a nonentity who accidentally found himself as head of state of this country only to damage this country to continue to vomit his loudmouth over our land. Enough is enough of the foolhardiness of a man who has no morals whatsoever.

I wish to demand that Pres. Adama Barrow make an official national address immediately to respond to the unpatriotic, criminal and immoral acts of Yaya Jammeh and his stooges.

Equally I demand all CSOs, businesses and indeed all citizens especially Victims of Yaya Jammeh to come out to boldly put it to Yaya Jammeh and his stooges that the Gambia does not need Yaya Jammeh and his Evil Regime. Let us not disrespect and undervalue ourselves by allowing a regime which wreaked havoc on our lives to continue to disturb our peace and calm.

I am calling on citizens to embark on a million citizens march to be called ‘Yaya Jammeh Shut Up and Face Justice Now!’. That is what we need. Do not be silent. Yaya Jammeh has to be put in where he rightfully belongs: Dustbin of History!

For The Gambia Our Homeland


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