“Angry philanthropists” give D200, 000 to 3 Years Jotna after police obstruction


Abdou Njie, the chairman of the Operation Three Years Jotna has said that they received D200, 000 (two hundred thousand dalasi) from donors that he described as angry philanthropists after police denied them to hold their fundraiser at B.O. Semega Janneh Hall in Tallinding Friday.

Njie who did not name the philanthropists stated that said they were very “angry” about the police behavior that evening.

He said two philanthropists donated them each fifty thousand dalasi whilst one donates hundred thousand dalasi.

He added that other donations included 5 bags of rice, 5 gallons of cooking oils and 5 cooking pots with other basins for their January 19 protest.

He made these revelations at a press conference at his Tallinding compound Saturday.

The police on Friday forcibly revented the Operation 3 Years Jotna movement from holding a fundraiser at the B.O Semega Janneh in Tallinding.

Njie alleged that police officers identified as commissioner Sanneh and Njie were the mastermind of the said harassment.

“They will never do it again. We will keep hold them responsible for their actions. We are here to stand against such things,” he said.

He further said that that the police have no right to make such impediment because many groups organized such programs without police permit.

“We want to know whether to have a permit for a fundraising event is a law that is only applicable to Operation 3 Jotna?” he asked.

Haji Suwareh, the public relations officer of the movement said the obstruction is foul play against them, adding that they will get to the bottom of the matter.

“It is a deliberate act against us and we will look into it and keep hold them responsible,” he stressed.

Response to Barrow’s New Year message

“There is not statistic that shows that we are the minority. There is no statistic to show that Barrow has the popular support,” Suwareh argued.

He added that that message should be put in the garbage because it contains no facts.

“God has punished us with this government,” Njie said.

He said Barrow was elected to take the country to another level but that it did not materialize, lamenting that the country is going back to the dark old days.


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