Gibril Bala-Gaye, President of the Gambia Music Union (GAMU) has called on artists to put aside their differences and focus on building a viable music industry for all.

 Widely called Gee, he was elected as president in a five member steering committee GAMU at a recent congress held at Manduar Development Hub in West Coast Region of The Gambia to oversee the affairs within three months.

 Artists and stakeholders tasked committee  to overseers  to review and draft a new constitution before the end of the three months after which elections will take place to determine the official executive of the Gambia Music Union .

 “This is our job, this is what pays the bills, allows us to travel, go to places, make change in our society among others. Artist are powerful and the quicker we realise the power we have and put it to good use, the better for all of us including the generation coming after us.”

Gambian Music has always faced difficulties and problems for the longest. The solution to this problem is us (me and you). I believe when solving a problem you start from the root in order to avoid repetition.

According to him, the promotion of Gambian isn’t the government, companies not supporting, the people (fans), quality among others.

He pointed out that: “Our main problem is the lack of structure in our music industry. Competition is good when it develops the parties involved and benefits the industry but not a competition based on hate, envy and so on to destroy each other”

“First thing, I did mention at the congress that let’s not treat the executive positions like politics or political parties by forgetting our objectives/goals, spending energy fighting each other than actually progressing and building a better music industry and environment that would benefit us all.”

He said the Union which isn’t about a particular person or a group of individuals taking control to rule and benefit from the gains.

 “The President, Vice, Secretary General and any other member that just registered today have the same right and voice as anyone in the Union. Doors are open to anyone that wants to work close with the executives, any suggestions or activities/tasks we are about to take on would be brought to the members, we vote and decide together. We aren’t representing ourselves but everyone.”

 He noted that the union is here to protect the artists, create structures and incentives for its members to make work easier for all of them, tackle issues we’ve been facing for decades by joining forces and having one voice.

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