April 16, 2024

German NGO, Café Mondial to host football tournament against racism 



Café Mondial, Germany based NGO, is organising a football tournament dubbed as kick racism off the pitch together on June 25, 2022 at Sportplatzareal Schänzle Konstanz city.

The tournament comprises 21 teams of 6 players each and substitutes while playing time is limited to 10 minutes per game is 10 minutes in two different courts.

In a statement, the humanitarian NGO said: “We play together against exclusion and racism! Racism prevents us from meeting each other in a friendly way. It denies the right to equal opportunities in life for many. Racism is unfair and has no place on our pitch. It is not about winning, it is about living together in peace and freedom. We want to kick racism off the pitch together!”

Join us and say NO to racism.

About Café Mondial was founded in 2015 and has been a creative space and meeting place for all people living and visiting Konstanz, as well as a real café since mid-2016.

The organization is committed to sustainability of urban development involving all people living and visiting Konstanz.

The idea of ​​urban citizenship is lived: for everyone; whether long-established Konstanz, passing through, or migrants from near and far including students from all over the world


The Café Mondial offers open invitation for counseling, discussion and other events, music, dance, cooking and having coffee, tea, juice and cake as a community of people.

Part of the concept is to offer other initiatives a roof among other things.

Free rooms are provided for voluntary groups such as Fridays for Future, the local Refugee Law Clinic, Adtendo, the ‘Project 83 – Konstanz integrated’, which was awarded the German Citizens’ Prize, and the Local groups provided by Amnesty International, Foodsharing, SoLawi Konstanz and many more.

The atmosphere in the Café Mondial is characterized by the possibility of informal and unprejudiced exchange, which comes about all by itself here.

The internal structures know no hierarchies and no status. Anyone who wants to get involved is always welcome.


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