Introducing Musa Mboob UK-based Gambian lead singer of Xam Xam Band



Musa Mboob, a UK-based Gambian prominent instrumentalist and lead singer of Xam Xam Band is  from a griot family in The Gambia currently spreading positivity around the globe through Senegambian culture with his band of six people.

The Monitor Arts and Entertainment correspondent, Bakary Ceesay has an exclusive chat with Musa about his musical journey, accomplishments and plans.

Relax and enjoy the exclusive chat.

The Monitor: Can you please introduce yourself to our readers including your musical journey?

Musa: My is Musa Mboob born in the Gambia 1963 and my father is Dodou Mboob my mother is Naffie Saine.

I inherited my father who was a master percussionist and when he passed away I took over. I was leading my own percussion team in the Gambia call Mboob Mbalaxal.

Mboob Mbalaxal became very popular in the Senegambian region through performing in weddings and naming ceremonies.

I was very lucky to upgrade my musical profile when the opportunity came for me to work with musical bands like Njom Music Band with former members of Geuleawarr band and also  Ifankbodi.

I also played percussion in Adels Kaberr’s album with Sotokoto Band  produced by Mr Oko Drammeh funded by Higher Octive in America.

I travelledto UK  many times before I became resident in England marking music and performing in many festivals like Womad Festivals and many other festivals around England.

In 2007, I formed my own band call Xam Xam and continue performing in festivals around Europe. I travelled to Germany many with a jazz band along with  Alen Skimor and Africa Express with Demon from the Gore Lars.

We played at festivals in Berlin, Dusseldorft and many other places in Germany.

In 1995 I released my second album called Jayulen (Get the taste) which was recorded in England and launched in a very famous venue called Africa Centre.

In 2009, I again released another album titled Harral and both albums can be found in Amazon and other online media.

The Monitor: We understand that you have released a new album. Can you tell us more about this album, tracks, producer and where can one access the album?

Musa: In 2018 I travelled to the Gambia with my band and recorded a new album called Gambia Session which comprised ten tracks. The new album was released through a record label in England called ARC Music Record Company and the CD is available online. It’s distributed worldwide.

The Monitor: What are some of the messages in the album?

Musa: In the album I direct my messages to different directions based on the daily happening of life that all of us should take responsibility to commit ourselves and endeavour fulfilment.

The Monitor: What are the feedbacks from people about the album?

Musa: We are having a great response since the album was released. It was featured in many newspapers in UK and played in many radios stations.

The Monitor: After the release of the album what are some of the projects you are working on?

Musa: My plan with the band is to prepare for a tour in The Gambia to introduce the new album and collaborate with other Gambian musicians and tour Senegal as well.

The Monitor: What do you have to tell Gambians to expect from Musa Mboob?

Musa: Gambians should expect Musa Mboob in different ways this time and not just in percussion only but in a broader perspective as full musical band in actions. I want to collaborate and inspire our younger generation’s instrumentalists and artists to stardom to believe in themselves that they can make livelihoods through their artistic talents.

We are open for booking across the globe and we are determines to educate and entertain the audience to the maximum with captivating style blended with African and European style and cultural backgrounds.

Thank you so much The Monitor and am looking forward working with you to promote our Gambian music.

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