February 26, 2024

New WCR governor vows to unite the region, end land disputes



The newly appointed governor of West Coast Region (WCR), Ousman Bojang, has pledged to unite the people and resolve the numerous land disputes in one of the biggest regions in the country.

Speaking to The Monitor at his office on Wednesday, governor Bojang who is a native of Brikama said his priority is to unite the people, implement government plans, and manage the waste and solve land disputes in the region.

“Land disputes have been very big issues within the region and even the country at large, which if care is not taken, can cause serious problems,” he said.

In the West Coast Region, land disputes is on the increase probably more than any region in the country, while scammers would sell one plot of land to different people who would be fighting each other to claim for ownership.

Bojang, a medical practitioner by profession observed that the scandalous land disputes in the region are due to geographical location and population size of the area.

He posited that land transactions should be computerised to keep track of things.

“We are living in a digitalisation era, if all land transactions are computerised it will be easy to track any transaction and no one can sell land to different people,” Mr Bojang pointed out.

“Come next year, you will surely see a positive change and progress,” he promised

Commenting on his appointment, the newly appointed overnor who has been resident in the United States for many years said he is delighted as a native of Brikama, to represent his people and the entire WCR.

“I want to see to it that women vendors are not neglected but given good places to stay. I want to see students having easy transportation to school and good libraries to study. I also want to make the health care system a priority,” Bojang told The Monitor.

The new governor also raised concern about the waste management issue, adding that he plans to discuss with BAC officials to resolve the problem.

He noted that plans are on the table to tackle the issue with a smart waste management system.

“It will just take time to get there but we want it to be perfect when we are done,” he concluded.


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