February 26, 2024

Gambian politicians should prioritize the need for referendum, passage of draft constitution



Gambia: any politician or party that is not prioritizing the need for a referendum and advocating for the passage of the CRC draft constitution is not worthy of your vote.

Here is why:

1. no one seems to internalize that, aside from the real issue of the Jammeh legacy being an albatross, we have the single most important symbolic and patriotic question facing us in terms of a referendum.

2. If we have it, we are voting for one thing only: to move away from Jammeh or to cling onto his constitution, which has been amended 58 times, and support his legacy.

3. If politicians are harping on about presidential elections, then it means that they are only interested in a power grab for themselves and not about strengthening the power of the people. And moving us away from a dreadful dusk to a new dawn. Because they do not care nor appreciate this humongous hand of history on our shoulders.

4. History has shown us that the Gambian adapts to change but is incapable of effecting change.
5. A 50 plus one voter turn out under the circumstances is difficult- a 75% decision is almost impossible- unless we come together as a nation and deliver it. We failed to attain that in 1965- which prompted a second attempt in 1970 and even then we got 70.45%. We passed it anyway. In 1996 it was 70%.

6. So we need to face up to the reality of where we are as a country and do what the country demands off us. Forget party affiliation, forget tribal or even religious sentiments and do what is right for the greater good. Let’s debate the draft CRC submission. Produce the best document that speak and amplify our collective voices and move away from the past and into a brighter, better and more prosperous future for all. We must be Gambians again to imagine a New Gambia.


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