WABSA hosts ‘Flight of Osprey Expedition team’ in Gambia


West Africa Birds Study Association (WABSA) has last recently hosted eight member team from “Flight of the Osprey Expedition team from UK” led by the UN Ambassador for Migratory Species, Madam Sacha Dench.

Speaking to our reporter at their resident in Tanji on Tuesday, the UN Ambassador for Migratory Species, Madam Sacha Dench said they travelled overland from UK, from August 1 to November 5, 2022.

“Before reaching The Gambia, we travelled through France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal,” Madam Dench informed.

According to Madam Dench, the purpose of their expedition was to find out all the threat to Osprey Bird’s Migration, particularly the young birds who migrated from UK to other parts of the world.

She explained that 70% of Osprey Birds who migrated from UK don’t survive due to many factors., adding that during their expedition tour from UK, they met along different people in other countries who are into birds’ conservation like WABSA in The Gambia.

She said this is their first time of visiting Gambia, but was quick to add that after Gambia, they will proceed to Cassamance in northern Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry.

She informed that there were four tagged Osprey Birds who migrated from UK to other parts of the world out of which, one adult is in Guinea Conakry and another one is in Spain while two others died.

According to Madam Dench, most of the migrated birds don’t stay long in other countries unlike the Gambia where they stay long during winter season.

“During our stay in The Gambia, we visited the following places: Tambi Wetland complex in Banjul, mangrove Bijol Island in Tanji, Kotu Creek, Ndangkan Community in Banjul, WABSA mangrove planting site in Tambi, Tanji Fish Landing site, Bolong Fenyo in Gunjur, Kotu Old Cycle Track, Gambia Birds Watchers Association main office in Kotu and Tendaba Camp in Kwinella,” Madam Dench stated.

Executive Director, WABSA, Lamin Jobaate commended UN Ambassador for Migratory Species and team for the visit, noting that WABSA being the Birdlife International partner NGO in The Gambia, are doing lots of progress on its Atlantic flyway.

“Flight of the Osprey Expedition team from UK are here to see for themselves some natures that are connected to conservation and most especially to forge partnership with WABSA,” said Mr. Jobaate.

According to Mr. Jobaate, the expedition at the end, will be put in a documentary form for educational purposes thus be share among educational institutions like University of The Gambia (UTG) among others.


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