August 8, 2022

The APRC state capture intensifies as the conspirators are exposed

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Jammeh and APRC succeeded in the long game of milking the state coffers dry over a period of two decades. They conspired with close associates, in and out of the public sector, to commit treason and rob the country blind for as long as possible.

2016 did not stop this when Jammeh enablers and APRC saw the opportunity in President Barrow. When Jammeh and APRC was removed from power we continue to see President Barrow’s style of recycling tainted characters from Jammeh’s past.

This has emboldened and given APRC the recipe to continue to tighten their grip on the total state capture project and the hope for their absolute rule over our nation. The likes of Chief protocol officer Alhagie Ceesay admitted to the Janneh Commission that he was a financial mule for Jammeh in the looting saga.

He had on numerous occasions picked up millions of dollars, stuffed in sacks and delivered them to State House. Mamburey Njie, who worked at the Gambian Embassy in Taiwan from 1996 to 2001, serving in various capacities and rising to the level of ambassador, oversaw a windfall $100m in foreign aid repurposed for Jammeh’s benefit. Both Ceesay and Njie are still in government. The former retaining his high-profile job as Chief Protocol Officer and the latter enjoying a promotion to Finance Minister.

Even though the Janneh Commission, received clear evidence of collusion by public servants to defraud and rob the country of resources, such tainted personalities have managed to be retained in government.

Recycling of Yankuba Sonko, as an Interior Minister as it is evident that Sonko was amongst the human rights violators when he was a Police Chief under dictator Yahya Jammeh. The formation of The Barrow Youths Movements (BYM) reminds many of the Green Youths of Jammeh and APRC. Curiously, BYM was controlled by some of the people known to have been behind the Green Youths, notably former Seedy Njie.

Seedy Njie, the now NPP Deputy Spokesman and a very close personal Adviser to President Barrow. All these has caused unease over a suspicious bond between the President and former ‘enablers’ of the Jammeh administration.

Many APRC enablers are appointed to the most powerful and important Ministries in the country; Hon Momodou Tangara, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Mamburay Njie, Minister of Finance, Hon. Sheikh Omar Faye, Minister of Defence, Hon. Yankuba Sonko, Minister of Interior and many others.

Finally, the most unpopular press conference on Thursday 2nd September 2021, the National People’s Party (NPP) and the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) formed an alliance for the final stages of APRC’s State Capture which outrage many Gambians and shocked the nation.

Thus, the re-emergency of Jammeh giving him relevance in this elections, is down to nothing but your quest Mr President for power and your lack of understanding of the APRC State Capture right in front of your eyes. But this was not an accident or unplanned because the levels to which Jammeh and his enablers has continued to tighten their grip on the total state capture project is explained in President Barrow’s Statement: “I will tell you one history here today in this gathering. When Seedy Njie brought him, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, (Interim Leader of APRC) to me. He said to me “we all agree that you won the election, and we will all support you but there is one thing you should be mindful of”. He told me that the party I belong to is UDP and he swore to me and said that UDP will betray me. He added on top of that statement he can support me, but he can never support the UDP. That was in 2017 and we are in 2021.”

President Barrow Mr President you betrayed the trust that Gambians had in you. Is it not the same Seedy Njie the architect of the impasse who wanted to turn Gambia into flames? Is it not the same Fabakary Tombong Jatta in 2016 that tabled the motion to extend the life of parliament and the term of the President? President Barrow you betrayed the trust we had in you.

The aspirations, the hope, the dreams for our New Gambia shattered!!

This Betrayal runs deep!! Gambians the choice is yours!!

#fightingforthesoulofthegambia #neveragain


Photo Credit: The Point

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